Sunday Morning Coffee 07.05


Happy long weekend! How was your Fourth?

By the time this post goes live, I’ll be wrapping up a perfect weekend with my family in North Carolina getting read for the road trip back. By no means am I a country girl –I’ve been quoted giving extended rants about how much I hate outside, but being here and with my family grounds me in a way I’ll always appreciate.

Despite the bug bites. I’ll keep today short so we can all get back to red, white and blue colored treats and maximum relaxing while the weekend is still upon us. I’m skipping four things and getting right to the links. Next Sunday will be business as usual :)

+ Did you know Uncle Sam was a real person, and still has living descendants.

+ Your guide to milk nuts, for anyone trying to ease up on dairy (or just try something new & tasty).

+ 3 Health tips you’ve never been told.

+ Not sure if your site is responsive? This website will show you in real time!

+ Documentary alert: The True Cost, just hit Netflix and dives into the reality of fast fashion.

+ Too many tabs redefined –a new website to help you boost your productivity.

+ 10 Genesis plugins to help run your site/blog like a boss.

+ Some pretty invaluable advice from Vera Wang.

+ Renting your place? Wallpaper is still (a very stylish) option.

+ Live a life of abundance through simplistic means.

Oh, and P.S

+ I launched a new series this week, next post coming to you this Tuesday!

+ Ember & March celebrated it’s first birthday this week and I’m celebrating with a live Q&A and giveaway!!

+ Thanks so much for your amazing responses to the reader survey! Keep contributing here.

Happy Sunday,

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