Business Card Inspiration

Business Card InspirationI’ve been meaning to design and order business cards for a really long time. Like, a shamefully long time. Narrowing down exactly what I want and how I want them to come off to others has taken me a while to get a grasp on.

I created an entire Pinterest board filled with business cards and branding examples to help guide my search a bit and I think I’m finally ready to take the plunge and design my own.

Here’s a peek at some of my favorite designs that have helped me get a clear vision of what I’m hoping to design. I can’t wait to share the finished product!

Business Card InspirationI’m a huge fan of really clean designs with pops of bright colors to pull attention to the information that really matters.

It’s important to me that these be really professional but still have hints of my personality so that they’re long lasting and true to me. I want them to stand out and be noticeable…in a positive way.Business Card InspirationBusiness cards have a tendency to be lost at the bottom of bags and wallets or under piles of papers on desktops. I’m hoping mine don’t get lost in the sauce!Business Card InspirationHave you designed your own biz cards? I’d love if you share your designs with me or any advice you have about designing mine!

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3 Tips for Decluttering Mind, Body and Space

Declutter Your Mind, Body + SpaceI’m secretly a huge hoarder –I hate throwing things away. I still have notebooks at my dad’s house from high school and old notes that my best friend used to write for one another that I never intend to throw away. Regardless of the sentimental value some of my hoarded items retain, a lot of it is just junk.

The junk in my closet, the junk taking up space in my bedroom or the junk I keep in the kitchen because of the comfort it provides. Something about holding onto the familiar is just… nice. The familiar is really, really nice.

But this year, I really wanted to focus on getting rid of things that I don’t need or that don’t serve a useful purpose anymore. It didn’t take long to realize that I didn’t just want to throw away those notes from my 9th grade biology class but that I wanted to remove all of the unwanted junk from my mind, body and space.

It’s more than just cleaning out, it’s making room and space for the things that do truly serve a useful purpose. So over the past few weeks of the new year I’ve been decluttering the junk from my body, all of my spaces and most importantly, my mind. Even though I’ve had lot going on with little downtime I’m noticeably less stressed out. Dare I say, I’m relaxed….rested? Whoa!

So today, I wanted to hare my top five tips for decluttering mind, body and space

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Sunday Morning Coffee 1.25

Sunday Morning CoffeeEvery once in a while, you have one of those week’s that completely drains you –physically and emotionally, and pushes you to the edge a bit. But once you’re on the edge, rocking back and forth slightly scared and so exhausted, you sigh and back up. Because you suddenly remember why you do everything that you do. Why you wake up earlier, caffeinate more often and sleep a little (read:a lot) less than what’s recommended. It’s all worth it, you know it’s all worth it.

This was one of those weeks for me. Even though it’s left me more than a little tired and slightly drained, sometimes it takes that to be reminded of how fortunate you are to be where you are, despite it all.

I’m not sure what the week ahead has in store. Lot’s of uncertainty. I know what I know, and I’ll hold on those things in this moment.

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