Recipe For A Well Lived Day

Recipe for a Day Well LivedWhen my week get’s hectic or overwhelming, I have the tendency to let it show. Especially when I feel like a domino effect is taking place, and the downfall of one thing is leading to the crash and fall of another. The past few months took a while for me to adjust to, and developing a routine took a while.

I would wake up some days with a racing heart and nervous stomach, just because of the uncertainty and stress I was feeling. I couldn’t focus because I was too buried under my feelings of, what if?

Luckily, I’ve gotten much better. Less freak outs, more clear headedness and focused attitudes. It took a while for me to make the shift, and I’m still shifting (naturally, I’m just an anxious person, so it’s half fighting my nature).

How did I make the shift? I’m glad you asked! I noticed that there were small things that I could do to help fill my day with light and start me off right. It wasn’t a routine, but more like a grouping of optional rituals that helped put so much good in my head and heart, there wasn’t any room for anxiety.

That recipe looks a bit like this:

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Three Steps to a Cleaner Blog Design / by Kory Woodard

Three Steps to a Cleaner BlogWhen you first started blogging, did you go a little wild with your design? Maybe you had all sorts of fonts all over your graphics. Maybe you had a new header every week. Maybe your background was an eye-sore of a… I mean pretty pink floral background. :)

No matter who you are, when you first start blogging you tend to be a little loose with your design. Yes, all of us were like that at some point. It usually takes time and loads, and loads of reading posts about blog design or design tips and tricks before you finally start on a path of a more cohesive look, a path which may or may not have you hiring a designer along the way. Unfortunately, not everyone is in the shape to hire a designer, especially when you’re just starting out. So, today I wanted to share three simple steps to a cleaner blog design so that you can straighten things up a little without forking over your shopping money!

Full Width Photos

If you’ve been in the blogopshere for a little while, you probably know that this is one of the major things that people recommend. When you’re just getting started, you don’t really care about this, but having full width photos makes your entire blog look a little cleaner and nicer. A simple way to get started doing this to see what the full width size is that your template allows and begin sharing graphics that are that size.
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Life Lately / 03

Life Lately / 03Well, hello there! Long time, no talk? Last week, as you likely saw, I took a much needed step away from the blog and online off to get myself back on track after a bit of traveling. I’m sure the abundance of coffee filled photos above let you know the kind of week I had. I decided stepping away from the blog and removing the pressure of posting was best, and it definitely was.

One / After a weekend full of traveling and a week playing catch-up, I spent a lot of weekend time in bed with coffee and my laptop designing, brainstorming and getting work done. My bed is no where near a hub of productivity, but now that colder autumn weather has hit the city, it’s where I love to be.

Two / Stepping out of my zone a bit, I’ve opted to try new flavors of everything! Read: I’m not going to cliche all pumpkin everything route for fall. I recently tried the peach flavored Chobani yogurt (I usually gravitate towards a berry flavor) and fell IN LOVE. Why did no one tell me about this little cup of magic?

Three / I recently made some design updates to to my regular weekly post planner (which I’ve been using in place of a monthly editorial calendar). I’ve been mapping out some exciting content to come, plus planning to share some sneak peeks into fun projects I’m working on!

Four / More bed time, more coffee. This week, I’m promising to put myself to bed at reasonable hours and remember the benefits of not being a zombie during the week. Still, nothing beats a warm bed and a hot cup of french vanilla coffee. Yum.

Five / Last weekend, I had the chance to travel to Washington, D.C for a conference. I didn’t get to see much of the city, but what I did see, I absolutely loved! The DC Metro positively shames Philly’s public transportation systems. I’m glad to have another city in mind for places to live post-graduation (which  is getting closer and closer, oh my).

Six / Early morning, heading out to DC. Waking up before the sun is rough, but views like this are absolutely worth it.

What have you been up to lately?