7 Wellness Reminders for Dealing with Change

dealing with change

Way back in 2013, I wrote this blog post with 14 wellness reminders. Just simple things to do and keep in mind to maintain a healthy and balanced life. A life well lived and well designed.

In January of 2014, I shared 10 more wellness reminders.

A few weeks ago, I was going through old posts and these instantly popped into my head. They’re each shared often on Pinterest, and I realize that even though it’s such a simple concept for a post, it’s so useful and helpful. I turn to these often because sometimes, you just need a little nudge in the right direction to help you get back on track.

I’m currently working on developing wellness themes, and coming up with reminders for each theme. I’ll be sharing these here, but also in the Move Letter, once it re-launches.

Today, I’m sharing 7 wellness reminders for dealing with change…. Read More

5 Things I Did To Land My Dream Job

Five things I did to land my dream job

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Fresh Daily, Weekly and Monthly Habits and Goals

Setting Fresh Goals and Creating Consistent Habits

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Sunday Morning Coffee 08.16

Sunday Morning Coffee

I made it through moving day, and with no major injuries! So, this is a very very happy Sunday. It’s going to be a wild week for sure: unpacking, getting last minute things together and starting a new job this week. Apologies in advance if posts get up a bit late this week, or if there are some bouts of… Read More

Eye On: Area Rugs (& An update on the move)

Eye On: Colorful Rugs

Hey peeps! Can you believe we’re already at the August’s mid point? As great as this summer has been, I have to admit I’m starting to itch for fall weather again. I’m over the humidity and high temps and desperately want to cozy into a fluffy cardigan soon. I guess that’s a good thing, because September will be here in… Read More

4 Tips For Getting Things Done on Zero Sleep

Getting Work Done on No Sleep

Summer usually calls for plenty of late nights, but for some of us, we can’t escape the need for early mornings as well. I blogged a while back about how I had to visit the emergency room after suffering an allergic reaction. That wasn’t the first time I’d had an allergic reaction resulting in a hospital visit –the same thing… Read More

On Blogging: So, You Want to Start a Blog?

how to start a blog

I get asked this question, from friends and strangers, a least 5 times a month: so, how do you start a blog? And every time I’m asked, I find myself even more at a lost for words. Because to me, there is no simple answer to this question. In fact, about a million more questions come to my mind that need… Read More