On Blogging / Creating Your Brand With a Designer

Creating Your Brand with a DesignerI’ve been using my (rare) quiet moments to plan some exciting things for the blog in the coming months. Nothing makes you reflect on your branding more than considering brand extensions, so this post was born in rapid fire during one of my brainstorm sessions!

When I was planning and launching the Ember & March brand, I was fortunate enough to be able to have maximum control over what was created. I knew I wanted to design everything myself, and plan to add even more personal touches to the blog in the future.

It’s important that you’re able to see yourself in your brand; that you get to leave your fingerprints and traces of your identity throughout your space. I know my mark is here, and hope it’s felt. But I also understand that other bloggers and creatives who don’t have design skills, or even fully understand branding, sometimes feel limited in their control over the final product.

When working with a designer, in order to get the best result, don’t be afraid to speak up and express, as best you can, what you want. If something doesn’t look or feel right or as you envisioned it, be sure to say something! When deciding to work with a designer on your brand, be sure to review designers carefully. Does that designer have other project similar to the one you want executed? Does their style match your vision?
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6 Productivity Tips for Working at Your Desk

6 Productivity Tips for Working At Your DeskThere was a point in time when sitting down to work at my desk meant that more than 60% of my to-do list wouldn’t get done. Having a work station in my room is super convenient (especially as the weather gets colder), and I wasn’t making the most of it at all.

During the summer, I’d use my lack of focus in my workspace to explore different coffee shops and outside locations with wifi and a charging station that promoted getting things done. But now that autumn weather has slowed the frequency of my productivity adventures, I’ve made a few changes to my work habits and work stations to make it the perfect place to #GetThingsDone.

Design wise, I made sure that my workspace as a whole is conducive to actual work. I like to keep the walls around my desk clutter free, to avoid feeling too shut in or overcrowded. My desk decor is kept minimal: a mug to hold pens and utensils, two small containers for odds and ends, a lamp for late night work (natural light during the day), and always a generous supply of post-it notes at the ready.

Still, when I sit down ready to get into my work zone, these six tips help me focus hard and end the session with a conquered to-do list.

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Recipe For A Well Lived Day

Recipe for a Day Well LivedWhen my week get’s hectic or overwhelming, I have the tendency to let it show. Especially when I feel like a domino effect is taking place, and the downfall of one thing is leading to the crash and fall of another. The past few months took a while for me to adjust to, and developing a routine took a while.

I would wake up some days with a racing heart and nervous stomach, just because of the uncertainty and stress I was feeling. I couldn’t focus because I was too buried under my feelings of, what if?

Luckily, I’ve gotten much better. Less freak outs, more clear headedness and focused attitudes. It took a while for me to make the shift, and I’m still shifting (naturally, I’m just an anxious person, so it’s half fighting my nature).

How did I make the shift? I’m glad you asked! I noticed that there were small things that I could do to help fill my day with light and start me off right. It wasn’t a routine, but more like a grouping of optional rituals that helped put so much good in my head and heart, there wasn’t any room for anxiety.

That recipe looks a bit like this:

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