My Design Process

My Design ProcessI’ve been mentioning lately how I’ve been working on a design refresh for this space. During my most recent reader survey, in the ask me anything section, many of you asked about how I came to teach myself design, and what that process looks like for me.

To be honest, it’s a bit nerve wracking. I’m my own toughest critic and the world’s hardest client to please.

Creating a design for myself can take anywhere from two days to six months –depending on SO many factors. Luckily, it’s something I love doing. Trying new things and playing around with fun techniques definitely excites me. But my end goal is to create something that I love, that’s true to brand and that others will be able to enjoy and appreciate as well.

It usually starts with me itching for change –this happens way more often than I’d like it too. Suddenly, my header image looks off or the fonts I’m using start to look dull. It doesn’t take much to convince myself that change would be good, and before I know it I’m collecting inspiration. This usually means taking a ghastly amount of screen shots which are dragged into a folder labeled “inspi organize later” or something of the sort. Pinterest boards are made and filled, mood boards are created and I download about 100 more fonts than I’ll ever need.

The gathering of inspiration can go on forever if I let it, but usually about two weeks into the process I’ll start playing around in Photoshop and actually designing. I always start with a mood board –collections of colors, different touches and aesthetics. I usually move from imagery to fonts, and start placing things on the screen in different ways until something tickles my fancy.

This goes on, and on…and on until I finally hit something worth saving. If I love it right away (which is SO RARE), I’ve been known to just keep going. I’ll design every.single.little.element all in one sitting. Even if that means staying up until the wee hours of the morning (there was a point in time where I knew MTV’s entire late night programming because of this). When I’m feeling less like a night owl, I’ll wake up super early and keep working.

Sometimes I go through this entire process only to stop, reevaluate and start over again.

By the time I’m ready to code and (hopefully) launch my design, it usually requires another late night. Moving, tweaking and googling until the sun comes up. The end result is something I know I put my all into, and that is 100% true to who I am.

The freedom of being able to design for myself is great, but the process can be a lot!

Life Updates + Things To Come

Life Updates + Things to ComeLong time, no talk?! You can thank the up and down weather which lead to a week of nose blowing, coughing and fever for last week’s disappearing act –it certainly wasn’t planned. But one thing I’ve learned that if you don’t allow your body the rest it needs when it requires it, you’ll regret it later. So I spent some time not emailing or blogging, and in bed with vitamin c and lot’s of water.

I’m glad to announced that I’ve wrapped up the Fall semester, and that I’m dealing well with the fact that I only have one semester left of school. Well, I’m either dealing really well or functioning brilliantly through denial…time will tell. I can’t believe that Christmas is only ten days away! Time moves so much faster than I do these days.

I’m really excited to have the next month or so to really focus on prepping the blog & different projects for 2015. Newsletter subscribers already got the lowdown on my upcoming e-course, and there will be more information on the blog, soon! I’ve got posts lined up, a great giveaway to host and some fun things I’m ready to work on so that they can launch later in 2015.

I’ve been spending a lot of energy thinking about a design refresh for this space. I’ve been working on creating a logo with a bit more personality that I could see transferring to other projects. Designing for yourself is always the hardest. You want everything to be perfect, and it’s much easier to drive yourself nuts with revisions that it is when working with someone else. I’m hoping to get the design complete by the end the of the year, so we can start 2015 fresh!

Aside from this, I’ve been drinking lots of really good coffee (what else is new) and getting really excited about the blank slate 2015 has to offer. What have you been up to, lately?


The Results are In / 2014 Reader Survey

A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute to my 2014 Reader Survey! The responses were super helpful and I’ll definitely be using them as I plan new content and exciting projects! The results are in…
2014 Reader Survey Results*Did not identify with any option or selected ‘other’

I hear you all, loud and clear! Thank you so much again for providing such fantastic feedback, especially on the open ended questions! And an even bigger thank you for all of the kind words said about myself and the blog –you have no idea what it means :)

If you didn’t have the chance to share your thoughts in the survey, feel free to share in the comments, as always!