Approaching Goal Setting With Enthusiasm

Approaching Goal Setting with EnthusiamCan we be real for a moment? February was a really hard month for me goal wise.

I don’t know if it was the winter blues or just a serious case of burn out but there was absolutely nothing remotely motivating about that month. Hence –I took a step back from blogging for the month because forcing it was doing much more harm than good.

I remembered this post that Meg wrote where she talked about 10 goals she was trying to hit on a daily basis. Daily goals that, if practiced consistently, would become intentionally rooted habits. Typically, I think of goals as being either long term (accomplish-able over a 1+ years) or short term (weekly or monthly). This recent flux in motivation has encouraged me to rethink the way I set, organize (and achieve) my goals.

Instead of making monthly lists of things I hope to get done which lead into my “larger scheme” of things. I’m breaking my goal setting down a bit:Keep Reading This Post >>

Life Lately / 04

Life Lately / 04Oh.. hello there. Remember me? I used to blog here.

I promise I have a good (and rather lengthy) explanation about why I disappeared from blogging over the past month. I won’t pretend it’s a very glamorous story, because it isn’t. But regardless, that story is on it’s way in an upcoming post.

Today, I just want to check in, see what’s up with all of you and share a bit about how the past month has worked out for me. Oh, and to say thank you. For sticking around, tweeting, commenting and connecting with me on Instagram. I’ve read every comment, tweet and email and even if I haven’t gotten the chance to reply, please know that I’m grateful for it all. I know my fade away was a bit unexpected (to me, too), and it means a lot to know I’m not back here writing to an empty crowd.

Perhaps because it’s the shortest month, or because it was unbearably the coldest on the East Coast, I spent most of the past 28 days thinking, studying, dreaming a plotting. Evaluating where I am, owning up to fears and envisioning fantastically where I hope to be within the next year or so. But like I said, there will be more on all of that, soon.

But the basics… Keep Reading This Post >>

Instants 04

Instants 04How would you describe your personal style? Honestly…I’m not sure I have one, fully.

In college my style strategy has been to throw on something comfortable that fits the moments. I never shopped with the intention of creating a cohesive wardrobe. I bought clothes. Plain and simple.

But lately, I’ve been hoping to make a change. To use my clothes as a way of projecting who I am, what I do and what I want in life. Dress the part I want to play. It’s been a slow process, but I’m making my way.

Following these style mavens on Instagram has been a huge help and inspiration. These ladies know how to dress the part and flatter themselves well. I love neutral tones. Blacks, greys and camels will definitely be staples in my wardrobe.

01. @shirleybeniang / 02. @kendieveryday / 03. @coralsncognacs / 04. @stripesandpeonies

What are your style staples? How would you describe your personal style?