Instants 05

Instants 05“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms”

I’ve been so in love with the weather the past few days. After a rough winter with those arctic, face-burning winds feeling some consistent sunshine and being able to walk around in just a cardigan has been amazing.

This Instants round-up is inspired by all of the beautiful blooms gracing my insta feed lately. I love how everything comes alive in the springtime. I don’t usually have fresh flowers around, but I’m thinking that should change. There’s definitely an energy-inducing power in having living things surround you.

And if I can’t get a little group of positive people to live in my room to suply that energy, I guess fresh tulips would do.

What or who have you been loving on insta lately?

01. @leifshop / 02. @sweetnspark / 03. @hey_im_kate / 04. @misspoppydesigns

Sunday Morning Coffee 04.12

Sunday Morning CoffeeThis weekend was packed with something to do almost every hour, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love every second of it. I got to spend some much needed quality time with my younger sister this weekend, which is always great.

Accepting that she’s 14 and as grown up as she is makes me feel about 15 years older than I actually am. Too much.

I’m looking forward to a week with even more running around, exciting meetings and getting a chance to wind down again when the weekend comes! I have some fun freelance projects in the works that I can’t wait to share more about! And hopefully by the end of the month, those new features I mentioned will be live and happening here!

How was your week?

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Happy Weekend!

Keeping An Organized Calendar

Organizing Your CalendarI’m sitting down to write this post after realizing that I forgot to add a meeting to my calendar for today, and missed the chance to have a sit down with someone. Woops.

But on non off days, I live and breath by my calendar and day planner. It took me a while to give the digital calendar a try, but after spending the past few weeks getting really close with Google Calendar, I’m definitely swayed.

I doubt I’ll ever give up a paper planner, but having everything in two places help me manage busy and keeps me slightly more sane. Slightly.

My Tools of Choice –
Sunrise Calendar synced with my Google Cal
– Paper Planner from Barnes and Noble

If you’re like me and trying to balance a few different hustles without completely losing your mind or developing a coffee addiction, keeping your calendar organized is the golden key. Having a place to dump out what you need to do, when, where and at what time seriously saves me.

Except for todays, er, mishap.

More importantly, when you have a ton of things going on, placing them on your calendar helps to clearly show you how your time and focus needs to be divided and makes things a bit less overwhelming. Because when all of those thoughts are just floating around in the dark whole my brain, leaving bed seems like the worst option.

So, here’s how I break it down:

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